Performer: Take One Improv

Take One was created in 2007 when Cory J. Philips refused to stop improvising just because school was ending. Since then, Cory has continuously developed and recruited his team based, not only on talent, but also on passion, interests, and pursuits; building more than just a troupe of funny, skilled improvisers, he also created a community of collaborators eager to work on one another’s projects instead of focusing solely on individual accomplishments. Whether the project is a Doctor Who fan series, improvised anime dubs, sketch comedies based on video game series, or even a feature-length film, Take One Productions is intent on making dreams and creative ideas a reality. Still, at its core, Take One is an improv troupe. Though well-versed in both short and long form improvisation, Take One has focused on developing a new and dynamic short-form show featuring unique and energetic games that seek to find the funny in fandom. It’s like watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? but if the cast was made up of your favorite video game characters, an obscure anime, and a bunch of pop culture references, all hosted by a meme. Take One players quickly make each show a celebration of weirdness and absurdity with audience-engaging games, and extensive nerd-knowledge. It is this type of diverse and frenetic play that has allowed Take One Improv to grow from doing free local shows to being booked to pack rooms at conventions nationwide, as well as foster a loyal fan base that is as enthusiastic and quirky as the members of Take One, themselves.

Anime Rock Concert: 8:30-10:00 PM Friday

9:00PM – 10:00 PM Friday night rock out to your favorite anime songs with anime cover bands: Amai Nightmare & the Suzaku 7! The event is free for Sawa Con attendees, standalone concert tickets for non-attendees will be available at the door for $3.

Musical Performer: The Suzaku 7

The Suzaku 7 were formed in 2011 and are well known among the Gulf Coast convention circuit, playing at conventions including MechaCon, CyphaCon, Contraflow, CoastCon, and BayouCon. They have shared the stage with respected national and international acts like The Slants, Protomen, Machinae Supremacy, Urizen, and Mugen Hoso, as well as talented local acts such as the Consortium of Genius, Start/Select, Tomb of Nick Cage, and Futurenauts. Consisting of riveting, Japanese-language vocals by Megan, the screeching guitars of Tommy, complimenting trumpet by Josh, and a rhythm section comprising of Rafiq on drums and Dreux on bass, The Suzaku 7 truly bring the music of the cultures they so admire to life here in the United States! As the 7 have grown over the last 6 years, their catalog has grown to embrace their other nerdy pleasures such as J-rock, video games, Harry Potter, and many more to come!


Musical Performer: Amai Nightmare

Amai Nightmare, is the newest anime Cover Band from Southeast Louisiana! Sawa Con will be thier debut performance, they will be performing music from your favorite anime like, Full Metal Alchemist, K-on!, Angel Beats and more!