Kirameki☆Melody Maid Café makes their debut at Sawa Con 2019! Join their adorable maids and butlers for snacks, games, and entertaining performances. Kirameki☆Melody has a host of incredible dance and song performances in addition to serving attendees in their designated maid café. Kirameki also performs late night events for 18+ attendees. ♥

The maid café location is free to all attendees, but as space is limited it will be ticketed on a first come-first serve basis. Tickets for the café will be available outside the maid café room.

Attendees for the maid are expected to follow strict rules. An agreement and a quiz to ensure you will abide by the rules will be required before entry into the maid café.

Cafe Rules:
No touching Maids/Butlers
No photography/videography
Asking the staff for personal information is prohibited

Maid cafe hours and performance schedule to be posted closer to the convention date

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