Cosplay Contest

Contest sign-ups will take place at the event outside of the main events hall. Rehearsal & Prejudging attendance mandatory.

Judging Panel:

The cosplay contest at Sawa Con is sorted into three self selected categories, judges may move you up a category, but you will never be moved down, so choose the category that you think you fit best in based on the criteria below:

Beginner: This category will consist of individuals who have never competed in a cosplay competition before, or have made less than two costumes in the past, and have no social media notoriety.

Advanced: This category will consist of individuals who would have competed in the past, individuals who have placed in contests before , and those with a social media following of 200 people or more.

Award Tiers

Awards may change before the event.
Official awards will be announced at Opening Ceremonies

Best in Show
– Exclusive Lifetime Metal Sawa Con event pass
-2020 VIP Pass
-Best in show Certificate
-Choice from Prize table


1st Place
-Sawa Con 2020 VIP Pass
-Advanced 1st place Certificate
-Choice from Prize Table

2nd Place
-Advanced 2nd Place Certificate
-Sawa Con 2020 Event Pass
-Choice from Prize Table

3rd Place
-Advanced 3rd Place Certificate
-Sawa Con 2020 Event Pass
-Choice from Prize table

1st Place
-Sawa Con 2020 Event Pass
-Beginner 1st Place Certificate
-5th Choice from prize table

2nd Place
-Beginner 2nd Place Certificate
-Choice from prize table

3rd Place
-Beginner 3rd Place Certificate
-Choice from Prize table


-The best in show is selected from all three categories.

-Costumes do not need to be hand-made, though it is unlikely to win an award without the costume being hand made.

-Costumes will be judged on craftsmanship, level of detail, amount of work, presentation, creativity, and accuracy.

-Prop weapons must have been approved at the peace bonding station prior to prejudging.

-It is required to attend pre-judging and rehearsal to be able to participate in the contest.

-Certificates & Prizes will be awarded to the top contestants in each category

-Skits and dance performances are allowed, but will not affect the outcome of the contest. Bring a usb drive with your music for the sound tech.

-Have fun!