Code of Conduct

Sawa Con Rules and Policies
All registered attendees are eligible to attend Sawa Con panels, workshops, activities, and events for the registered convention . Registered attendees have no responsibilities other than honoring the rules and policies at Sawa Con. By registering for this convention you are agreeing to the code of conduct and policies set forth by Sawa Con Convention.
Code of Conduct
These activities are not allowed during the Sawa Con event:
Engaging in disruptive behavior
Verbal or physical abuse of the public or staff
Acts which could result in the physical harm of people or property
Sexual misconduct such as indecent exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment
Engaging in any activity prohibited by law
Possession of any item classified as a weapon
Individuals who violate these rules will be asked to stop. Sawa Con TR Troubleshooters and Staff reserve the right to require anyone violating these rules to leave the event. Any violations of the rules which involve activities prohibited by law will result in notification of the appropriate authorities, and a potential refusal of admission to future Sawa Con conventions.

A.Badges – The Sawa Con convention badge must be visible at all times. Those without badges will not be granted access to convention panels, events, workshops, and activities.
B.Costumes – Costumes must follow Sawa Con’s modesty guidelines. For men they must be wearing shorts with at least a 1” inseam. For women, they must at a minimum be wearing a bikini top and bottom as a minimum.
C.Harassment and Assault – Sawa Con does not tolerate any harassment. Harassment is defined as behavior that intentionally annoys, harms, threatens, or alarms another person. If someone approaches you and you tell them to leave you alone, and they persist, please notify staff, and the offender may be asked to leave the convention space or will be put on a watch list. If assault occurs, notify the authorities immediately by dialing 911, and report to Sawa Con staff. Any person who commits assault or harassment is in violation of Arkansas State law and law enforcement will be notified.
D.Liability – Sawa Con and its affiliates are not responsible for any theft, damage, or injury. Attendees are responsible for their own decisions and repercussions that result from those decisions.
E.Theft – Theft of items from the event space, artists, panelist, or vendors is not tolerated at Sawa Con. Notify Sawa Con staff is an person is suspected of thievery. If caught in the act, they will be handed over to the authorities, and refused admission into future conventions.
F. Minors – Attendees under 10 years old must be accompanied by a legal adult who is registered for the convention at all times.
G. Smoking- Smoking is allowed at the event, but only outside the hotel and convention center.
H. Weapons – All prop weapons must be peace bonded at the peace bonding station close to registration. Prop weapons must be peace bonded before entering the convention space after purchasing your pass or changing costumes. Refusal to have your weapon peace bonded will result in dismissal from the event. The TR Troubleshooters working the peace bonding booth may deem your weapon not admissible and ask it to be returned to your private room or vehicle, as it may not be brought into the convention space. Questionable props will be dealt with case by case.
I. Photography – It is required that you ask permission to photograph anyone. Violation of this rule could be seen as violation of the harassment policy.
J. Lost and Found – Lost and found will be located at the registration desk.
K. Noise – Loud noises are prohibited on the hotel & convention grounds in throughout the hotel after 10pm, except in convention noise designated spaces such as the dance.

Policy Revision
These policies are subject to change at any time as required. Last amendment  August 21, 2018